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hollywood, ca
United States
Last Login: 11/11/2007
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What themes have come up in your recent songwriting?

with this previous collection of songs that i'm now starting to release, i definitely touched on a lot more vulnerable things that i don't think i had really tapped into before. i went through a lot during the process of making these pieces of work, & i think i really used the studio time as a therapeutic way to spill all the pain, sadness, frustration, heartbreak, epiphanies, mourning, family troubles, exuberance, and everything else under the fucking sun into my lyrics. these songs are really an era for me & i'll never forget the process of creating them. i hope you feel that too.

The visuals you've put out so far have very strong digicore influences. What about this aesthetic inspires you as an artist?

you know, i've always been an emo kid since i found mcr at like 7 years old. i feel like it's that whole thing of when you throw yourself into the culture, then get bullied so hard you conform to the "norm" styles or whatever, & then now there's all these "umbrella" cultures that you can fall into & they're actually all considered somewhat "cool," right? i guess more than anything, i'm drawn to the roots of the digicore scene. i love all that grunge-influence shit mixed with the "internet-y" fundamentals. & not to mention the sick ass music these small subcultures have brought to the world >>>>

Were there any artists or genres you grew up listening to that helped develop your desire to make music?

10000%. i found mcr around 7/8 years old, & that changed everything. being from the south, i also grew up on a lot of soul & folk so you can imagine when my brother introduced me to emo, it was a bit of a shock. i had already been singing as well, but it was gospel music at my grandparent's church so i was still "finding my sound" you could say, hahahaha. i really did love emo though, and i had already been writing a little bit & playing my instruments as well so then i decided to mess around with other genres. once middle schooled rolled around, i was into all of it: deathcore, emo, easy alt, & goth rock, but also still what i had grown up on, as well as some 50s/60s, disco, indie, rnb, & ***NONGENERIC pop music - (it's important to clarify). to this day, i always say i love a little bit of everything spanning across all genres, & i like to keep an open mind when it comes to music. i don't know, but i'd say i definitely take inspiration from everything i've heard & read & keep that all in mind while also taking it w a grain of salt if you follow me.

While you live in LA now, you're originally from Amarillo, Texas. Can you speak to how the environments of both these places have affected you as a person and a musician?

it's definitely made me the person i am today. i know that's something that everyone says, but i really do feel that way because it was 2 different lives. I love being from amarillo, but i feel lucky i got the opportunity to blossom my creativity in California. where i'm from, the culture is definitely more prevalent on sports & stuff of that nature so i felt a little out of place at times. i think my roots have definitely implemented themselves into my artistry, but the music culture in California is so rich & infectious that it's definitely shaped me too. As we all know, the west coast is such a prominent staple in & of itself in the music scene so i definitely just feel lucky i got to be around that as a growing musician.

Thinking into your future as an artist, are there any big goals or dreams you have in mind?

i just want to take this shit as far as i can. i make music for the people because it helps me know that other people get it too, & i'm not crazy . . . or totally, at least (lol). when i'm on stage, it feels like im the orchestrator of my own world. i just love when the people GET IT, you know? to have that feeling at a festival would be insane so that's definitely a goal for sure, & what artist isn't aiming for that grammayyy

Last and most important question: what are your top 5 2000s tracks?

- you know what they do to guys like us in prison, mcr 2004.
- american boy, estelle & kanye 2008.
- me & mr jones, amy winehouse 2006.
- stuntin' like my daddy, birdman & lil wayne 2006.
- can't get you out of my head, kylie minogue 2001.