we're not the only corner of the internet that can feed ur hunger for y2k content!
below you'll find links to ur fave childhood games, archived webpages of some cool old sites,
and other resources that can provide you with nostalgic comfort or artist inspiration!
feel free to contact us with other links we should add!

Fun and Games

Dollz Revival
Site from an amazing creator we got to know through the web service that hosts our site, Neocities! You can relive the joy of making your own virtual doll here.

Babe.net Games List
Listicle that gives links to some of your favorite childhood games!

Refinery29 Games List
Another listicle that gives links to some of your favorite childhood games!

You can find so many nostalgic games on this site. Some suggestions to search on here: Divastarz, My Scene Games, Barbie Games, Polly Pocket Games, Bratz Games.

Barbie Movies Online
You can watch a bunch of Barbie and other Princess movies for free!

For Viewing, Nostalgia, and Inspiration

Girly Mags
One of the best IG accounts ever tbh. Really amazing 90s/2000s throwback content, with an emphasis on highlighting the best (and worst) excerpts of 90s/2000s teen mags. PLUS, they also have a cool podcast about the same topic!

Y2K Aesthetic Institute Tumblr
A great blog that also has an IG, Twitter, and FB group!

2000ish Tumblr
Lots of throwback posts that will bring back forgotten memories!

Another Neocities creator with an incredible website that screams Y2K.

Very cute, 2000s-inspired Neocities site by a sweet artist who supported us early on in the creation of our virtual space

Internet Archive: Wayback Machine
An amazing resource we used so much in our making of the site and the zine! You can use it to look up any old web address you remember fondly and see if there are archived screen captures of it! Here’s some that we particularly like:

Amanda Please

Myspace Link 1

Myspace Link 2



Britney Spears Official Site

Allykatzz Blog

MTV News