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Advice columns weren’t invented in the 90s/2000s, but they thrived in these eras! Popular mags like Seventeen and Girls' Life had them in every issue, and advice blogs and message boards were safe spaces 4 young people to ask whatever questions were on their adolescent minds.
In the same spirit, Mia and Melissa of YC 2000 are here to help YOU! These r our answers 2 your burning questions! We are by no means professionals but as 2 thoughtful gals we want 2 share our wisdom with U XOXO

Question 1)

"i have crush on one boy from my scout team. he's aquarius, tall and pretty cool! the only problem is that he says the n word and he is white. he's educated tbh but he does it to be ''cool''. im starting to lose feelings. he also acts like he is homophobic bc im bisexual. but he told to his friend who happens to be my best friend that he would support him if he is gay. i hate skater boys. avril made me think that sk8er boys are cool..." - C U L8r Boi?

Your Pen Palz Say...

it seems like you’re in a bit of a sticky situation, you have a crush on a skater boy but your values don’t line up with his. it’s hard to know what to do when your heart says one thing and your mind says another, but your crush is showing many red flags in his behavior. First of all, it’s absolutely NOT okay for a white person to use the N word and there’s nothing “cool” about it! unfortunately, a lot of people use this term in a racist way and it’s very offensive, harmful and can make others feel unsafe. This skater boy is also homophobic, which is absolutely NOT okay! even if he is sometimes accepting of queerness, him being homophobic towards you about your bisexuality is awful. You shouldn’t let anybody treat you badly because of your sexuality or anything else! something that could help is trying to think about his behavior as if he was acting that way towards your best friend. what would you tell them if they had a crush on someone who is rude, racist or homophobic? would you let him talk to your best friend the way he talks to you?
Crushes can be complicated but it seems to me that this one is best left behind. Sometimes it’s okay to date/be friends with/have a crush on someone who has different values than you, but this skater boy is toxic and will only bring negativity in your life. You may have to be around him since you’re on the same scout team but this skater boy seems like he’s not even worthy of being your friend, let alone your crush!
It may be a challenge to get over this crush, but try to replace the time you’d normally spend thinking about him/crushing on him with something better for you, like doodling a picture, listening to good music or talking to a friend! take some time to think about what your values and boundaries are, and what kinds of behaviors you want to see in the people you surround yourself with. We become most like the people we spend time with, so keep racist and homophobic people out of your inner circle! Avril Lavigne did make sk8er boys seem cool, but not all of them are and it’s important to remember that!

Question 2)

Your Pen Palz Say...