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It all started when Girl Tony Hawk met Goth Britney Spears.

More specifically, it all started when we (Mia and Melissa)
met in a UCLA bathroom and talked about our love for The Breeders.
From there, a beautiful bond started to form over a mutual
fascination with all aspects of 2000s culture.

When quarantine hit in March 2020 and left us in a world
full of worry,we started to toy around with the idea of making
a Y2K-themed zine so we could bring positive, creative energy
into our lives.
We met up safely and started the zine by collaging with whatever
materials we had on hand while playing plenty of Liz Phair and
blink-182 in the background.

As time went on, our ideas and passion for the project grew
into the full-fledged webzine you see today!
More than just a webzine, this is a reflection of our generation:
how our 2000s childhoods formed us,
the way music and other media consumes us,
and why we hope to always keep a bit of the wild and
unpredictable nature of the noughties within us.

This is a movement.

This is Youth Culture 2000.

EMAIL : youthculturey2k@gmail.com

INSTAGRAM: @youthculture2000

TIK TOK : youthculture2000

YOUTUBE: Youth Culture 2000